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ARC Costs provides specialised services related to managing and navigating the complexities of commercial litigation costs. These costs often arise from commercial disputes that may involve contractual issues between businesses and their clients or suppliers. The range of expenses in such litigation can include court fees, fees for counsel and experts, and claims for solicitors’ profit costs.

ARC Costs offers expertise in advising on and assisting with cost disputes in various legal areas. Their services include preparing Bills of Costs for recovering legal expenses, negotiating costs, and representing clients in detailed assessment hearings. They also provide support for disputing excessive or unreasonable costs demanded by the opposing party. ARC Costs aims to ensure their clients recover the maximum possible costs or pay only what is fair and reasonable. They offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to discuss specific cost-related issues.

Address: 4 Bark Street East, Bolton, BL1 2BQ

Telephone: 01204 397302

Areas served: Nationwide

Category: Legal Costs 


The Service we received was Fantastic and Excellent. Robert was very helpful and very informative. They guided us through steps with genuine information to achieve our main goal. Most genuine service ever. They deserve a gold star. Thank you so very very much.

Pamela and Monica

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Please note, we are not a firm of solicitors; however, we maintain a panel of trusted and regulated legal experts. If you contact us in relation to a commercial law case, we will pass your case onto a panel firm in return for a fee from our panel firms. We will never charge you for passing on your case to a panel firm. 


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