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Expert Commercial Law have a panel of intellectual property solicitors, Cardiff, who can provide practical advice and assistance in your IP disputes.
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What is intellectual property?


Intellectual property (IP) covers a range of rights that protect creations of the mind. These rights are intended to encourage innovation and creativity by granting creators certain exclusive rights to their works. The main types of IP rights include:

  • Patents: These are granted for new, inventive, and industrially applicable inventions, allowing inventors to prevent others from making, using, or selling their invention without permission for a limited period.
  • Trademarks: These can be registered or unregistered and protect brand identifiers such as names, logos, and jingles that distinguish the goods or services of one trader from those of another.
  • Designs: Protection here can be for registered or unregistered designs. Registered designs protect the appearance of a product, while unregistered design rights arise automatically and protect internal or part designs for a certain period.
  • Copyright: This protects original works of authorship such as literature, music, and art, granting the author exclusive rights to use and distribute their work.
  • Trade Secrets: These are practices, designs, formulas, processes, or any information that has independent economic value and is subject to reasonable efforts to keep it secret.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is the official government body responsible for administering IP rights in the UK. They provide comprehensive information on UK law and practice concerning IP matters.

Intellectual property solicitors Cardiff


Intellectual property solicitors provide excellent services across the full spectrum of IP law. Our panel of intellectual property solicitors, Cardiff, are recognised for offering high-quality, market-leading IP advice.

They are equipped to handle both contentious and non-contentious matters, ensuring that clients receive practical advice for their IP strategies.

The law firms on our panel handle a wide range of intellectual property disputes including:

  • Patent litigation: Two companies might dispute the invention rights to a new technology, with one alleging that the other is manufacturing or selling products that infringe on their patented invention.
  • Trademark disputes: A business may take legal action against another for using a name or logo that is confusingly similar to its registered trademark. Trade mark issues are very common, and our panel of IP lawyers based in Cardiff and beyond are well equipped to deal effectively handle these disputes.
  • Copyright infringement: An author or artist may sue for unauthorised reproduction, distribution, or adaptation of their copyrighted work.
  • Design rights conflict: A designer might claim that another party is producing and selling products that copy the design for which they have a registered or unregistered design right.
  • Trade secret misappropriation: A company can file a lawsuit if a competitor is found to be using trade secrets that were confidentially developed, claiming a breach of trade secret laws.

What can an intellectual property solicitor, Cardiff, help with?


An intellectual property solicitor, Cardiff, can assist with a broad range of IP issues including the following:

  • Protection advice: They can advise on which forms of IP protection are appropriate for your specific situation, whether it’s applying for patents for inventions, trademarks for brand elements, copyrights for creative works, or design rights for product appearances.
  • Registration and application: Solicitors can guide you through the complex process of registering your IP rights, ensuring that applications are correctly filled out and submitted to the appropriate authorities.
  • IP audits and strategy: They can conduct thorough IP audits to identify all your intellectual assets, advising on how to develop an effective IP strategy that aligns with your business goals and enhances your competitive edge.
  • Enforcement and defence: If someone infringes on your IP rights, a solicitor can enforce these rights through various means, including litigation. Conversely, they can also defend you if you’re accused of infringement.
  • Negotiation and drafting: They are skilled in negotiating terms and drafting agreements related to the licensing, sale, or transfer of IP rights, ensuring that your interests are protected and that the agreements comply with relevant laws.
  • Dispute resolution: Solicitors can represent you in alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation or arbitration to resolve IP disputes without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.
  • Commercialisation advice: They can provide expert advice on how to monetise your IP through licensing, franchising, and other commercial arrangements, maximising the financial benefits of your intellectual assets.
  • Ongoing management: An IP solicitor can help in the ongoing management of your IP portfolio, keeping track of renewal dates, advising on portfolio expansion, and ensuring continued compliance with IP law.

How can Expert Commercial Law assist?

Expert Commercial Law have a panel of experienced intellectual property solicitors, Cardiff, with a track record of success in these types of cases. A specialist IP solicitor from our panel can be invaluable in helping with intellectual property matters, providing the highest levels of service.

Our solicitors also help with commercial claims, such as breach of contract and CCJ removal

Please note, we are not a firm of solicitors; however, we maintain a panel of trusted and regulated high profile legal experts. If you contact us in relation to a commercial law case, we will pass your case onto a panel firm in return for a fee from our panel firms. We will never charge you for passing on your case to a panel firm. 

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Please note, we are not a firm of solicitors; however, we maintain a panel of trusted and regulated legal experts. If you contact us in relation to a commercial law case, we will pass your case onto a panel firm in return for a fee from our panel firms. We will never charge you for passing on your case to a panel firm. 


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