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Expert Commercial Law has a panel of business lawyers, London, on hand to assist with a broad range of corporate and commercial legal issues or disputes.
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What is a business lawyer, London?

A business lawyer is a professional who specialises in giving legal advice and services for business matters.

Their main legal services can include drafting and negotiating contracts, providing commercial advice, and representing clients in disputes and litigation.

At Expert Commercial Law, we have a panel of business lawyers, London. They provide legal advice and representation to businesses, organisations, and individuals involved in commercial transactions.

Services include contract drafting and review, intellectual property protection, commercial property, data protection, insolvency and mergers and acquisitions. They can help maintain client relationships, even throughout commercial disputes.

They also help businesses navigate legal issues related to commercial disputes, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance. They can also provide guidance on long term legal compliance and risk management to minimise potential legal issues.

The London based business lawyers on our panel are highly professional and come highly recommended.

What are the main roles of a business lawyer, London?

Commercial lawyers play a crucial role in providing legal advice and assistance to businesses. Their primary objective is to ensure that their clients’ interests are protected and that all legal requirements are met.

Some of the typical duties of a business lawyer, London include:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts. This can include sales and purchase agreements, and service contracts, to ensure that they comply with legal requirements and protect their clients’ interests.
  • Providing legal advice and guidance to clients on matters such as corporate governance, intellectual property rights, data protection, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Advising clients on the legal implications of business decisions. This may include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other strategic transactions.
  • Representing clients in disputes and litigation related to commercial matters. This may include breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, and employment disputes.
  • Negotiating and mediating settlements between parties involved in commercial disputes helping to preserve business relationships.
  • Advising clients on the legal implications of new technologies and innovations, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

What makes a good business lawyer?

When choosing a business lawyer for your case, it is important to understand what makes a good commercial law solicitor.

A good commercial lawyer possesses a mix of technical legal expertise, commercial acumen, and interpersonal skills.

Expert Legal Knowledge:

Understanding the law is important, especially in areas like contract law, corporate law, intellectual property, and real estate. These areas are related to commerce and business.

Commercial Awareness:

Understanding the client’s business, the market in which they operate, and the commercial realities affecting their business is crucial. This enables the lawyer to provide relevant, practical legal advice that aligns with the business objectives.

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills:

The ability to analyse complex legal problems, identify relevant issues, and develop effective, creative solutions is essential. Commercial lawyers must navigate legal challenges while ensuring the client’s business goals are achievable.

Communication Skills:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are vital. Lawyers must be able to explain complex legal concepts in a clear, understandable manner to clients who may not have a legal background. Negotiation skills also fall under this category, as they are essential in deal-making and dispute resolution.

Attention to Detail:

Precision is key in legal work. A good commercial lawyer pays close attention to the details of contracts, agreements, and legal documents. This helps to protect the client’s interests and avoid potential legal problems.

Ethical Integrity:

Upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior is non-negotiable. This includes confidentiality, honesty, and a commitment to the client’s best interests.

What is the process for initiating a case with a business law firm from Expert Commercial Law?

The process begins with contacting us via phone or our website request form. We will then discuss your case to understand your needs and match you with the most suitable lawyer from our panel who specialises in your specific legal issue.

Is there a commitment or cost involved in the initial consultation with a business lawyer from Expert Commercial Law’s panel?

The initial consultation is designed to understand your legal needs and discuss how we can assist. There is no commitment required from you. Any costs associated with further legal services will be clearly outlined beforehand by your solicitor.

Taking the stress out of commercial litigation


Our team take the stress out of finding you a solicitor to assist on your corporate and commercial law issue. We have assisted many UK businesses and individuals in finding the right commercial lawyers for their case, providing cost effective solutions to commercial litigation.

We are not a firm of solicitors; however, we have a panel of commercial law solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If you contact us in relation to a commercial law case, we will pass your case onto a panel firm.

Our panel of commercial law solicitors, London assist on a full range of commercial law issues. We have a number of full service law firms on our panel based in Central London and beyond.

Get in touch today to speak to a business solicitor from our panel.

As a small business owner, navigating the complexities of a breach of contract claim was an overwhelming challenge for me.

My experience with Expert Commercial Law was nothing short of exceptional. They not only helped me find the perfect London based business lawyer for my case ,but also made the entire process seamless and stress-free.

Alan H

London Business Owner

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Please note, we are not a firm of solicitors; however, we maintain a panel of trusted and regulated legal experts. If you contact us in relation to a commercial law case, we will pass your case onto a panel firm in return for a fee from our panel firms. We will never charge you for passing on your case to a panel firm. 


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